Three factors you need to consider when choose a led driver

Three factors you need to consider when choose a led driver

Output Power (W)

This value is given in watts (W). Use an LED driver with at least the same value as your LED(s).

The driver must have a higher output power than your LEDs require for extra safety. If the output is equivalent to the LED power requirements, it is running at full power. Running at full power may cause the driver to have a shorter life span. Similarly the power requirement of the LEDs is given as an average. With tolerance added on top for multiple LEDs, you need a higher output power from the driver to cover this.


Output Voltage (V)

This value is given in volts (V). For constant voltage drivers, it requires the same output as your LED’s voltage requirements. For multiple LEDs, each LED voltage requirement is added together for a total value.

If you are using constant current, the output voltage must exceed the LED requirements.

Life Expectancy

Drivers will come with a life expectancy in thousands of hours, known as MTBF (mean time before failure). You can compare the level you are running it at to work out the advised lifetime. Running your LED driver at the recommended outputs help to extend its life span, reducing maintenance time and costs.

Tauras products have warranty at least 3 years. During the warranty period, we provide 1 to 1 replacement.

Post time: May-25-2021