Why PFC LED Driver?

Why PFC LED Driver?

To understand the importance of the LED driver with PFC, we first need to know what PFC is:

PFC, which is the Power Factor Correction opening, means to regulate the power ratio. The electricity we use in our homes, offices is an alternative current at 50Hz frequency in 220V voltage. In alternating current, the current oscillates 50 times per second. For example, we see that a lamp is fixed, but it flashes 50 times per second. Depending on the structure of the devices we use, fluctuations of the electricity drawn from the network are changing. When we use a simple device consisting of only resistors, we see that the current and voltage are moving synchronously. However, when using devices with complex loads such as coils, capacitors, things change. Voltage-current synchronization is disrupted, harmonic waves are included in the graph, which is shaped as a smooth sinus wave. Thus, the difference between current and voltage phase occurs.

In fact, considering a single device, this phase difference does not hurt much. But when we think about the entire power grid, we see that it has a big impact. Because low power factor devices put additional load on the electrical grid. Because of this load, large electrical motors and machines such as the factory, using institutions are not only paying for the electricity they use, but also for the “reactive electricity price”. Reactive electricity means electricity that is withdrawn from the network except for the active electricity we use, but does not turn into energy. If reactive power compensation is used, reactive power extraction of the systems is minimized.

Back to the importance of LED drivers with PFC:

As for the importance of PFC led drivers, PFC-enabled LED drivers should be used in large enterprises where lighting products are extensively used to balance the active-reactive electrical energy and avoid the costs of unused energy. The importance of PFC for LED drivers will increase day by day considering that traditional lighting products will replace LED products over the years. Using a PFC led driver will provide us with energy efficiency as well as help us avoid material losses.

Post time: Sep-28-2021